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Bombshell dress for beauty


5.0 (1 review)

Nly One only on short sequined bandeau dress in stretchy material Featuring a low v-neck and built-in underwire for extra support.

Champagne color
Zipper closure
95% poly


Go somewhere where you won’t be stressed, because the honeymoon itself can be a stressful thing. We need to change our ethics, our financial system, and our entire way of understanding the world. It should be a world where people live, not die; a sustainable world. That would be great. Attention to detail is paramount when you want to look good. This is the philosophy of life. Practice. If you do this, something will change, what will change will change, your life will change, and if you can change yourself, you may be able to change the world. I didn’t want to be a fashion designer, and I didn’t like it for a good half of my career. I always wanted to do something else.

1 review for Bombshell dress for beauty

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